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Let Them Make Mistakes: Parenting Teens in the 21st Century

This article was originally published on The best medicine I found for easing the anxiety of parenting boundary-pushing teenagers was remembering my own risky behavior at their age.… “One of you has got to call your parents,” said the officer at the Palm Springs…By jbadmin|

‘Sacred Sto­ries as Metaphor’: Retelling of Bib­li­cal Tales

This post was originally published by the Jewish Book Council.   My nov­el, The Nine, will be pub­lished on August 20, and as with my debut, Eden, I took inspi­ra­tion from the Torah in writ­ing it — not in lit­er­al terms, but using our sacred…By jbadmin|

Five Publishing Tips from a Sophomore Novelist

This post was originally published on as a part of the #5onFri series. As I home in on the publication date for my second novel (The Nine, She Writes Press, August 20), there is excitement whirring in my mind as well as the anxiety that comes with keeping track of a…By jbadmin|

Writing Rituals: Staying Grounded During Busy Times

This post originally appeared on as "Five Weeks To Book Launch And How My Writing Practice Keeps Me Grounded." I am a woman with many morning practices, from skin care to yoga and meditation to blending a perfected breakfast smoothie, from walking my dog to…By jbadmin|
beautiful green Japanese water lilies

A Song of Gratitude: Reflecting on Japan

This article originally appeared on Indagare under the title "A Song of Gratitude: Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg Reflects on her Journey to Japan." Our trip to Japan followed a week in Hong Kong where my husband had business and I spent mornings working and writing before…By jbadmin|
Japanese house and lush garden

How the Japanese Tea Ceremony Mirrors the Author/Reader Relationship

On our recent trip to Asia I barely scratched the surface of omotenashi, the Japanese spirit of hospitality, but I did have the opportunity to participate in a tea ceremony which gave me a glimpse. As I lay awake that night combatting jet lag, I began to see parallels between the…By jbadmin|

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