“I set out to write a novel about a mother and her son, inspired by the story of Hannah in the Book of Samuel. It developed into a tale greatly colored by the recent revelations on many educational campuses in the United States. Misconduct and betrayal are nothing new, unfortunate themes in life as well as literature, but seem to be dominating the public discourse. The Nine is a modern mother/child telling. It weaves together the yearnings of a highly involved woman with the inevitable rupture in a relationship with her teenage son as he enters a world she wanted for him, a world of prestige and tradition.” — Jeanne

When well-meaning helicopter mom, Hannah Webber, enrolls her brilliant son and the center of her world, Sam, into the boarding school of her dreams, neither of them is prepared for what awaits: an illicit underworld where decades of privileged conspiracy threaten not only Sam but also his fragile family.


“Eden is one woman’s story, echoing four women’s’ stories, and is, at the same time, all women’s story. It creates a collage of female experience around the drama of introducing Becca’s long lost daughter and her impending financial despair. Determined to write the type of book I enjoy reading, my novel weaves together multiple points of view and chronologies. I hope you love it.” — Jeanne

As her children and grandchildren assemble for the Fourth of July weekend at Eden, the Meister family’s grand summer cottage on the Rhode Island shore, Becca decides it’s time to introduce the daughter she gave up for adoption fifty years ago.

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