Becoming by Michelle Obama

, Becoming by Michelle ObamaBecoming by Michelle Obama

I was never a big Michelle Obama fan. But I heard all the hype about this book and decided I should read it in order to take part in the conversation. Well, it didn’t take long for me to identify and relate to so many situations, anecdotes, and emotions that Obama describes so well. Halfway in, I had the thought that the book could have been a little shorter, but when I got to the epilogue I was so sad – wanting to continue with my friend Michelle for a much longer. Note: I listened to the audio version narrated by the author which made the experience of “becoming” so much more poignant. My favorite take away: That becoming is equal measure patience and rigor. That we are all becoming. At 53 years old, with kids who don’t need me as much, and jumping head first into my career as an author, I felt a kinship toward Michelle Obama that I am so grateful for. It had been so easy to stubbornly spout out my aversions to her that were mostly byproducts of media soundbites (I am ashamed to say). So glad I got to know her better. Great book, wonderful, inspiring story. Count me among the fans!

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