Summer Balance – Surrender and Patience

Surrender and Patience, Summer Balance – Surrender and Patience

This summer, like most summers, is passing too quickly. There never seems to be enough time to fit in all the things I’ve dreamed about over the winter. Today, for example, I have many projects that need attention; however I haven’t been to my favorite yoga class in a while and my son is here for the day and wants to “play.” A writer’s life, I’ve learned, is one where there is always something hanging overhead, the sensation there is always homework due tomorrow.

A teacher advised me last spring that writing is all about patience and surrender. Spending time with the words on a page, with a story, and with characters, the writer is a witness to what emerges.

As I’ve discussed EDEN at several book events in the past three months, there is one question that invariably arises from the audience: “Are you working on another book?” And the answer is YES, and I even have a third in the back of my mind. After a brief description of what is in store, I can’t help but feel a sense of urgency to get home and finish up book number two and deliver it as quickly as possible to the marketplace. That desire to please and perform is an inherent part of my nature.

And even though the manuscript is strong, like a good tomato sauce, it can’t be rushed, needing to simmer for the characters to develop and for the story to take on a depth that I can be proud of. My challenge will be to deliver something timely without sacrificing quality. I know it will get there, not magically, not passively sitting on the stove, but with my stirring in the herbs and tending to it lovingly.

This morning, my garden needs attention, and there is an interview I should write up, but I also crave quiet in order to take on deep work. Yesterday’s solar eclipse was one of those events that got me thinking about the grandiosity of the solar system and the universe and the scope of my life within it. And so today, I am going to reset, say goodbye to frenetic, book promoting energy, and slow down. I am going to enjoy my beloved yoga practice and approach the day with surrender and patience. After all, I’ve already written a blog post this morning.

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