Wild Game by Adrienne Brodeur

, Wild Game by Adrienne BrodeurWild Game: My Mother, Her Lover, and Me by Adrienne Brodeur

Wild Game is a memoir that dissects an especially complicated bond between a mother and daughter. Adrienne Brodeur’s mother violated acceptable boundaries when she made 14 year old Adrienne her confidante and accomplice to her illicit affair. Desperate for her mother’s love and approval, even to cut her brother out, Adrienne played this role for a decade. The story continues to shock as Adrienne marries her mother’s lover’s son. Set against the backdrop of Orleans on Cape Cod, Adrienne longed for a landscape the way she longed for familial love. In addition , family heirlooms become a stand in for love and devotion. It is a very sad story about the way victims of emotional abuse not only defend their abusers, but replicate bad behavior. In telling this story, Brodeur aims to break the cycle. I enjoyed the writing and language even as I cringed. I calculated that I am the same age as the author and as the only child of a narcissistic, promiscuous mother I felt extreme compassion for the author as I devoured this book.

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