Our Road Trip and Tips for Yours

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  1. Lori
    Lori says:

    I so enjoyed this article!

    It brought back memories of extended road trips I’ve taken.. a polka festival at the Mitchell Corn Palace in S. Dakota in the late 80s was quite the WOW for a girl born and raised on the beach in Southern California!

    Your tip to match books on tape with your geography is a super good one! My early travel was pre-cell phone & pre-internet, pre-satellite and all that, so I prepped mixed tapes for my Jetta.

    Incredible to think how life-world-technology-et. all has changed! I liked being a teen in the 80s and the fun and solvable trouble we got into. The pacing and energy and technology of today can be overwhelming. I definitely prefer a long in person heart to heart on a walk, over coffee or during a drawn out shared meal! Xx


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